I started playing the piano when I was nine years old. It was "love at first sight." Like all such loves, it never goes away. In my case it has only grown stronger.

I wonder how it is possible for such beautiful music, like that of Mozart, my idol, to have been composed. Mozart represents for me the life that must be lived in every single moment: the joy, the fantasy, the creativity, the madness, the delirium, the anxiety, the passion, and the love.

Then there is Chopin: so romantic, sad, and languishing. Sometimes mad, or nostalgic. But fantastic... his music is an infinity of harmonies and melodies. Both composers fascinate me, like two extremes of myself (the reference coming from my unpublished autobiography, D. Felluga "My Life").

My job perfectly fits my background, interests, and passions. Music allows me to experience emotions that no other art form can give me.

Even if I hear a performance many times, the emotion will be as fresh as the first time. I care deeply for my work. As P. Coelho writes: When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream. My work is the realization of my dreams.


... but my world is not only made of musical notes, key signatures, flats and sharps, but also of sports: this is the true key to my enthusiasm, activity and vitality!

"Where words leave off, music begins"